Nzingha Zee Martin, MA | Ph.D. (Candidate)

Associate Consultant


Nzingha (Zee) Martin believes in the simplicity and beauty of a life well-lived. Using her education, which includes earning a dual Bachelors Degree in Conflict Resolution, Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Social and Exercise science, a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, and a current PhD student in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Zee helps others change their perspectives, manage emotions and tap into their intuition to develop a vibrant, fresh outlook on life. This also helps individuals leverage their existing strengths and gain results that go beyond anticipated results. With a strategy that she calls the “ZING AFFECT”, she uses positive, optimistic and mindful approaches, to empower people, teams and organizations to focus on people, processes and performance. Zee is an outstanding, competent, and performance-driven professional, offering extensive experience in directing all aspects of human resources, including employee relations, project management and performance management. Zee is competent in communicating with individuals from all levels of organizations and diverse cultures. She has a passion for evaluating and training programs, analyzing training needs, preparing training materials, and facilitating training sessions. In her spare time she enjoys leisurely activities such as traveling, coaching, giving back to her community and spending time her family and like-minded individuals.

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