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Transforming organizational systems and cultures to become more antiracist and multicultural requires strategy. Our proven model for strategic planning facilitation and learning & development, combines a critical antiracist, anti-oppressive lens, people-centered approach, and data driven insights to achieve optimal organizational performance.

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Since the COVID-19 emerged we spend less time on the ground with client organizations in an effort to keep both our team and client organizations safe. We however are able to continue serving our clients remotely. Our technologies allow us to continue providing our services to our clients. Although we are primarily working remotely, we recognize that some of our responsibilities often require us to travel to job sites to meet with client stakeholders to gather additional information and understand the dynamics of the work environment or practices better. To do this safely, we partner with our clients to ensure that as we work to plan for change that we abide by the recommendations set forth by the Centers for Disease Control.

Contact us today for a process consultation. This very important first step allows for the creation of a relationship with the client that permits the us to perceive, understand, the circumstances existing in the client organization’s internal and external environment in order to improve the situation as defined by the client.

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Our organizational development work involves an objective evidenced based assessment of organizational issues and follows with comprehensive recommendations of interventions specifically designed to address issues at the root. Our firm provides data-driven people centered approach that allows for the development of in-depth, antiracist, and multi-faceted strategic plans and learning and development solutions. Visit our approach and service pages to learn more.

We are committed to dismantling institutionalized racism by helping organizations to become more socially just. As practitioners of antiracist organization development and change management, our purpose is to facilitate strategic change for mission-driven organizations that recognize a need to evolve into more operationally efficient, multicultural, and antiracist organizations.

Areas of Expertise

The experts at The Lindsay Group Co. work with organizations of all kinds, including mid- to large-size companies, professional service organizations, government agencies, public sector employers, and non-profits to help their organizations achieve desirable organizational change outcomes. Our evidenced-based approaches lead to demonstrable impactful results for organizations—including becoming more multicultural, equitable, increased profits, heightened customer satisfaction, enhanced operational effectiveness, and greater talent retention and employee engagement. The Lindsay Group will develop an individualized action plan designed specifically to meet the needs of your organization. We invite you to review our menu of services below.

  • Group Facilitation

    Organization Development

    Job Analysis

  • Team Development & Training

    360 Degree Feedback

    Performance Management

  • Leadership Training & Development

    Strategic Planning

    Change Management

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