Colin Cooper, Ph.D.

Chief Learning Officer and Principal Consultant


I am an industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologist who uses multiple lenses, cultural orientations, world views, spiritual and metaphysical principles, and compassion to guide my work. I provide interventions, applied research, coaching and support to individuals and organizational leaders and members to create successful, humanistic, multicultural organizations that employs anti-racist and inclusive practices, policies, and processes. I am passionate about social justice, designing and implementing inclusive talent and personal development programs and systems, facilitating individual and organizational transformation, and incorporating the principle and conceptual framework of embracing the “whole person” and “spirituality” at work as an intimate part of my professional work.

Additionally, my multiple life and work roles in life–university professor, OD, talent and personal development/transformational consultant, the first African American, female doctoral graduate in I-O psychology from the U. of Maryland, College Park and single parent–broaden significantly my perspective on how I define and do my work.

I am a retired-tenured Professor of OD, Talent Development, and Psychology from Bowie State University, and am currently a professor of I-O psychology at the U. of Maryland in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and serve on the faculty of two other universities.

Over twenty-five years of applied experience as a manager, consultant, and professional staff at key profit and not-for-profit, small and large fortune 500 businesses and government agencies (Equitable Life Assurance Society, AAA of Michigan, United States Postal Services, Department of Army and DC government.) has enhance my academic career. My work products and accomplishments have included the design and implementation of comprehensive interventions, programs, and systems in talent selection, management and development, instructional and curriculum design, training delivery and evaluation, leadership and coaching, individual and employee wellbeing, group facilitation, D&I, and organizational culture change.

I writes, speaks, and conduct research on anti-racism, D and I, social justice, spirituality, and meditation in the workplace for engagement, inclusion, and innovation. I have co-authored the book chapter — “Managing Corporate Racial Identity” and other articles concerning African American career socialization, and STEM career fields — barriers and facilitators for women and people of colors. I am a member of the American Psychological Association, Society for Industrial-Organization Psychology, and Consulting Psychology. I have served on the various conference and federal grant review panels, community organization boards and faith-based organization leadership teams.

Approximately 6 years ago I founded Focus Hu-Energy Consulting (an Organizational, Talent and Personal Development and Transformation Consulting Group) to provide consulting and coaching to organizations and individual clients who are committed to deep transformation and healing work. For this work, competency-based coaching, education, training, and spiritual/energy-based principle coupled with other OD and I-O interventions are employed to reduce limited belief systems, behaviors, structures, and processes that stifle innovation, compassion for self, and others, and passion for the work itself. Healthier work cultures, relevant competencies, “values” and behaviors are thus is expected to be an output of this transformational work and promote more organizational inclusivity, anti-racist practices, enhanced employee wellbeing, and organizational success. New cultural behavior then starts to focus on “we” versus “them” or “me”.

My training and certification as a hypnotherapist, Reiki master teacher, transformation and meditation coach, and Buddhist practice addresses the concept of the “Whole Person” at work (body, mind, and spirit) and guides my consulting and coaching.

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