Colin Cooper, Ph.D.

Principal Consultant


Dr. Colin Cooper is a transdisciplinary Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (I-O), Master organizational development practitioner, transformational coach, and educator with over twenty-five-plus years of experience working with small business CEOs, diverse senior and mid-level leaders, socially and technically diverse stakeholder populations, and private clients within the corporate, not-for-profits, academic and governmental sectors. She is the Owner and Principal Consultant at Focus Hu-Energy Consulting, LLC, and the Chief Learning Officer and Principal Consultant at The Lindsay Group Co.

Other roles, noteworthy accomplishments, and interests include – Membership on the Organization Development Network Editorial Review Board; Graduate Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology (U. of Maryland – MSIOP); Retired-tenured Professor of Talent Development and Psychology (Bowie State U., Bowie, MD); Pioneer–first Black-American, Woman to earn a doctorate in I-O psychology from the U. of Maryland, College Park; Certifications and training in coaching, hypnotherapy, Reiki Master Teacher, meditation, mindfulness, shamanism, Buddhism and other eastern philosophies and healing practices; and co-author of “Managing Corporate Racial Identity”; Community leader, Elder of many, Queen Mother, and Spirit-guide.

Dr. Cooper has conducted extensive and continuous research into the 1. discriminant factors in the choice of STEM careers versus traditional human service professions of Black Americans and women, and 2. effect of career indoctrination/socialization on Black professionals identification with and alienation from race and culture of origin. Through her decades of practice, work has also explored the impact of the phenomenon of organizational trauma on historically marginalized low power stakeholders with complex individual level traumas.

Dr. Cooper’s core competencies and interests:

● Transformational change management strategies,
● Talent and leadership assessment and development,
● Transformational and leadership coaching
● Anti-oppression/anti-racism, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice work,
● Instructional system design and delivery, and group facilitation
● Creative strategic visioning and planning
● Workplace trauma and wellbeing
● “Mind, body, energy/spirit connection”

Dr. Cooper’s mission goes to helping organizations and individuals develop and advance integrative solutions to complex organizational challenges, and create healthy work cultures, life philosophies, and anti-racist/anti-oppressive processes, structures, and practices that support the obtainment of strategic goals. To advance this mission Colin has developed – ”The Focus Hu-Energy Alignment Process ® ” – a transdisciplinary methodology – used within her consulting and coaching practice to help clients manage and overcome “limiting beliefs, attitudes, and practices” and, in turn, develop humanistic, inclusive and empowered orientation referred to as a “Consciousness Enhancement, Heart-Centered MIndset”.

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