Group Facilitation

Group Facilitation

We believe in the power of listening and sharing voices through conversation, allowing organizations to reflect and move to decisions about their work in more meaningful ways. Regardless of the methods that you choose for community engagement, such as townhalls, retreats, strategic planning, community forums, needs assessment, or surveys, it is the process of dialogue that will help to give the information meaning and guide your organization’s future direction. Through conversation, we are able to help your teams to intentionally step back and critically reflect. This will take your group’s dialogue deeper to explore your assets, reflect on how you have effectively responded to organizational needs, and explore how you can address those needs in a more strategic way.

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Our services

Mission and Culture Assessment & Alignment

Experts in the use of both qualitative and quantitative measures, The Lindsay Group uses tools to both study and measure over time…
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Leadership and Managerial Counseling & Training

We partner with organizational leaders and managers to identify opportunities for alignment of strategic plans with tangible leadership and…
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Strategic Planning Facilitation

This service lets us help leaders to create and achieve the vision for their organizations. Our comprehensive process for strategic planning helps…
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Surveys and Assessments: Test Development And Validation

Creating a test to use in hiring or promoting, but concerned about…
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Grant Writing, Proposal Preparation and Fund Development

As professional consultants for nonprofits and expert grant writers…
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TLGco Academy

We offer more than 30 interactive classes that are immersive, engaging and based on the latest research into effective adult learning. Enhance your teams’ skills and expertise through careully tailored single- and multi-day sessions that can be delivered in person or via live, virtual training.  Our customized learning programs are designed to embed the capabilities that will boost organizational performance–and the bottom line.

Our Learning programs are customized to achieve specific objectives, with content tailored by industry, company and role. Participants understand exactly how the training connects to their roles.

We don’t just lecture. Our chief facilitators use a variety of delivery methods and creative approaches, including simulations, gaming and small-group learning, to keep programs engaging and fun.

Program and Policy Evaluations

TLGco supports our clients evaluate the effects and implications of their programs and policies. Our researchers analyze options that offer improved outcomes for programs, their stakeholders, and the public. Our evaluations help set priorities, avoid unintended consequences, and solve challenges; they are highly regarded for their analytic base, independence, and rigor.

We have developed a multitude of reports to support clients in the fields of health, education, government and social welfare. We also help convene expert panels, roundtables, and other forums to facilitate development of recommendations and guidelines that support policy and program assessments.