Sami Abdelal, MSOP | Ph.D. (Candidate)

Principal Consultant


Sami Abdelal is an Principal Consultant at The Lindsay Group.In this role, he collaborates with highly respected organizational practitioners who deliver novel solutions to a diverse array of clients.

A Minneapolis native, he graduated with his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with distinction and went on to complete his MSc in Work & Organizational Psychology at Maastricht University. He’s worked extensively with local Dutch businesses on pro bono projects that served both work teams and marginalized youth. Sami continues to engage in I/O-related projects with non-profits to help empower companies that strive to serve their communities. As a doctoral student studying Applied Organizational Psychology at Hofstra University,his research interests lie in teams, humanitarian employee well being, dyadic relationships, diversity, and leadership.

Sami is fluent in Arabic and in his free time enjoys sport climbing, baking, and almost anything that involves the great outdoors.

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